When you become a member of Young Living--as a Customer or a Distributor--you are immediately eligible to have your own personalized website with younglivingworld.com, a website created by Young Living Distributors for people like you…people who have an interest in learning about Young Living Essential Oils, and possibly building a lucrative business.

Your website will look just like the one you're looking at now, except that the Distributor contact information will be yours and there may be multiple pages that you have customized (see more about the benefits below.)

Our goals in creating this site were to create a learning center, with high quality information and training in how to use our amazing essential oils products and/or build a successful, independent business marketing Young Living Essential Oils.

While significant basic training is available to everyone on the main areas of the website, the personalized pages will allow you to fill in whatever other information you feel is most important to share with your prospective Customers and Distributors. And there are some training features of this website that are available only to younglivingworld.com Subscribers when they log on to the Subscribers area of the site.

(See below for a few brief sample audios taken from the Subscribers area!)

The cost of subscribing to younglivingworld.com is an incredibly cheap $40 per year. No set up costs and no extra fees. This is the cyber deal of the century!

What are the benefits of this website for you, right now?

The principle benefits you can enjoy immediately from having your own YLW website subscription right now are 1) having a marketing and educational tool which will help your prospective Customers and Distributors make intelligent choices about buying and using our unique products, and 2) multiple ways to deliver your own, personalized message to people who visit your site, including:

  • A completely customizable Contact page, with
  • A place to upload a YouTube video, or
  • Photographs of your choice
  • A "Free Report" offer to visitors to your site
  • A "My Oil Stories" page where you can post your own stories as well as stories you collect from other happy oilers
  • A "My Meetings" page to display the details of any events you are giving

Also, in the Subscriber Services Section of the website, you will find unique trainings and tips offered by some of the most successful Distributors in Young Living, as well as articles and encouragement from some of the most successful Distributors in the network marketing industry.

The top Distributors in YLEO who generously contributed their stories here are people who have succeeded in our business, both in understanding the power of our products and sharing that with other people. They have contributed to this website both their personal experience and proven tips on building a successful business. The Subscriber's Services trainings are meant to give you a system that has been proven to work for these most successful men and women, which you can share with your team, and which they can share with theirs.

Please note: Subscription fees are non-refundable.

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When you use your younglivingworld website as a marketing tool, your new prospective Customers who visit your website will have immediate access to:

  • High quality information about the uniqueness of our products.
  • A basic education on the best ways to use them.
  • An overview of how Young Living offers a complete solution to health and prosperity.
  • Awareness of educational materials, and where to buy them.
  • Guidance on what products to use first.
  • Easy, online purchasing, with a shopping cart integrated throughout the website.

A few sample audios...

Here are a couple of excerpts from recordings you’ll find in the Subscriber's area of younglivingworld.com.

1. Gary Young talks about how to use some of the "emotional" oils in the Feelings Kit. Note: This kit is discontinued; however the oils discussed in this audio file are available individually.

2. Jeffrey Lewis, Platinum Rank Distributor, shares his earliest business strategy.

As a marketing tool for Distributors: Our website is designed to help the first time visitor understand why our products are so needed by everyone, and also how to get started! We give your prospects high quality information, including an orientation to what to purchase first and how to use our oils, and on-line enrollment and ordering.

You may be thinking, "Wow, this really sounds good. It must cost at least $50 a month." After all, you can't even get a personalized website hosted for less than $15 a month! And here you've got one that's not only personalized, but has the whole product list, online enrolling, free training, beautiful pictures, and more…

Well, the truth is, we want this site to be so affordable that everyone has immediate access to training and business support. For this reason, your subscription to Young Living World has been priced to equal what it might cost you to go out to dinner and a movie with a friend, just one time: $40 per year.

Can you believe it? What a deal!

So, take a look around. Check out the site… and if you like it, you can order it through the "Website Order Form" and pay with a credit card.

And please remember: Because the site is so incredibly cheap, we have a no-refund policy.

Once your payment has been made, you will receive a confirmation at the email address you give on your order form with instructions on how to create your customized website right away, including your unique web address. The instructions are simple, and if you have any difficulty at all, you can contact us at webmaster@younglivingworld.com for assistance.


If you're a Distributor and you're excited by all this, be sure to tell your organization so they can benefit from younglivingworld.com, too! We'd like to help create a community of well-informed, healthy, successful users of Young Living Essential Oils by working together.

And if there's something you would like to see here, something that would make younglivingworld.com an even better resource for learning about our amazing essential oils and/or building your independent business, please tell us! Write to: webmaster@younglivingworld.com

We wish you well, and may the oils always be with you!

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